Who Are We?


VibezMedia is an media online radio and publication company experienced in Advertising, Promotion and Music since 1990. VibezMedia currently owns a successful local online radio station with exposure worldwide though iTunes Radio and TuneIn radio. As a leader in the industry with our largest market reach in the Canada, The United States, South America and Europe, VibezMedia encompasses a global community and gives advertisers a leading edge in the international market and their local marketplaces. VibezMedia’s on-air and online content driven programs offer effective marketing solutions through on-demand entertainment channels to a wide range of listeners across the world.


MixVibez Radio – Classic Rock, R&B, Rock, Techno & Dance



Global Market Reach = Enhanced influence Radio

  •  Global radio station targeting a variety of market groups
  •  Majority of radio market reach is in USA and Canada
  •  High end quality entertainment
  •  Flexible programming
  •  Social Media
  •  Global fan community
  •  Daily engaged fan based
  •  Growing online community
Why Vibez With Us?

Our creative team of professionals excel in delivering successful results.

VibezMedia Marketing team is available to serve our clients with their special talent and professionalism in order to achieve effective marketing results.


Our team includes professionals from the following sectors:

  • Creative Writing Voice Recording Sound Engineering
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design & Website Development
  • Social Media & Online marketing


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